It’s Time We Wake Up!!

The world gets it, and yet the church is missing out.  How is it that the world, generally speaking, being directly opposed to the King of the Universe “gets it” and the Church, the body of Messiah is generally missing out on what He is doing?  How did we get here??

In the media, Israel is front page news every day.  This tiny strip of land that is about 250 miles long at it’s longest point, 60 miles wide at it’s widest but less than 9 miles wide at it’s narrowest point, is the focal point of the world??  Do you want to see an example?  Front page news from the New York Times yesterday (July 5, 2010).  I’m serious, look at the article.

Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank

Israel, the people, are the apple of G-d’s eye, His chosen people, His special treasure.  Israel, the land, is a special place, it is where G-d brought Abraham to because He thought it was something special in all the earth and He will return there because He has placed His Name there forever.  If we claim to be seeking after His heart, we need to understand that His heart beats for the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that His eye is on a particular piece of real estate above all others.

The world gets it – Israel (the land and the people) is in the news every day, she’s in the forefront of their minds.  How often is Israel in the forefront of our minds?  The world is often times fully consumed with Israel, are we?  Why is this little speck of land so all consuming to the world if it’s not on account of G-d Himself?  When was the last time you heard about Israel at Church?  Maybe you go to one of the few churches that takes Israel seriously, but most do not.  We have GOT to wake up! Do you understand what we’re choosing to miss out on??  Simply put, we are opting to miss out on the heartbeat of The True and Living G-d!  And for what?

When Messiah comes, where will He come to?  To Jerusalem, in Israel.  Who is He coming to?  His brothers.  Yes, He’s coming to be the King of the World but He’s not coming to the world – not to New York, London or Shanghai.  He’s coming to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in their land of Israel, specifically Jerusalem.  This is the first time since the Messiah walked the earth that His brothers are back at home, waiting for Him to come.  Then, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the amazing wonder and awesomeness of our G-d and King.  He will reign the world from His throne, the throne of David, in Jerusalem.  He’s not going to return to a desolate land where not a single Jew can be found.  He’s returning to a bountiful land, flowing with milk and honey, filled with His brothers.  It’s just how the heart of G-d beats.  How do I know?  “The Bible tells me so…”  Are you getting excited yet?

When Messiah returns there will be a wedding feast.  Can your mind grasp what that will be like??  The last wedding you went to, what was the food like?  Delectable and plentiful?  Imagine the wedding banquet that our Heavenly Father will provide!!  Where do you think the oil, the wine, the meat, the bread, etc. will come from?  How will it happen?  Will it be a miracle, or will it already have been prepared ahead of time?  I believe that the land will have already been being restored and that the items necessary for the wedding feast will be prepared ahead of time, just waiting for the return of the Messiah of G-d to claim His throne in Jerusalem.  The people will be prepared as well.  There are verses in the Prophets that talks about the return of Israel to their land, that the people of the nations (that’d be us) will be rejoicing and helping them along on their journey home, even bearing their children on our shoulders.  We will be there to help, to serve (like our Master served), and to minister the love of G-d to our adopted brothers and sisters.  What I don’t understand is, what are we waiting for?  Israel is back in the land, G-d is blessing the land incredibly and moving on behalf of His people in ways that simply defy the imagination.  What are we, the church, doing?  Are we helping, serving, loving and ministering or are we primarily unaware (or worse yet, apathetic) regarding what is going on?  A wedding takes a lot of preparation, it’s time we prepare for HIS sake.  It’s not about us, it’s all about Him.  It’s time we strive to be that pure and spotless bride, that we have our lamps filled with oil and that we are working with the children of Israel to bring in the abundant harvest in preparation for the return of the King.  It’s time we first wake up and listen to the heartbeat of our G-d.  It’s time we take seriously that our Master has called us to be servants, to display love so that the whole world will know that He is indeed the Messiah of G-d.  Are you getting excited yet?

So, what is “The Occupied West Bank”?  Take a look at this 2 year old entry.  It might change your perspective a bit…

Then there’s this video…

You may also remember the book Eye to Eye:  Facing The Consequences of  Dividing Israel by Bill Koenig that made connections between catastrophic events in the USA (such as financial downturns, hurricanes, earthquakes & tornados) and the turning against Israel by the American government.  I did not read the book myself but I did see the author interviewed on a few programs and it was very interesting as I have looked into the facts he presented.  I have found myself wondering over the last year and a half or so, “Our leaders seem to be growing in an anti-Israel stand, so what might we expect to see happen as a consequence like we’ve seen in the past?”  Financial demise, earthquakes, tornados, floods, etc.  This video speaks to that question.

G-d is serious about His children, His land and His Word.  Of all the real estate on planet earth, it is Israel He chose and Jerusalem where He chose to rest His reputation forever.  Of all the peoples of the earth, it is Israel – the children of Abraham, the children of Isaac, the children of Jacob that He chose to be His incredibly special treasure.  Those of us who have been grafted into this lineage by our faith have got to start paying better attention to His heart.  We’ve got to wake up, people.

I’m so excited, I could explode….

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  1. Exploding with you Lisa!!!!!! Sharing your passion! You said it all!! Time is really really running out! We know people who were there in February and they DID NOT throw the rocks first. They did not retaliate at all. It was an Israeli guard who shot at the perpetrators (shepherds throwing rocks?).

  2. I agree that much of the main-stream church is far from the LORD and not ready for His return. But, as you know, I do not agree with your thoughts on Israel. All believers are precious in His sight and there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, between slave and free. I also don’t agree with your end-times theology. When Christ returns, it … See morewill be to take His children home – in my reading of the Scripture He is already reigning and there never was any intent to set up an earthly kingdom. Now, I know that my comments bring up many arguments in your mind because you have a whole system of beliefs that all fit together and there is no room for the couple of statements I have made. But I need you and your followers to understand that there are other very serious Christians out here with very different views. We also hold our views very passionately. We also eagerly look forward to Christs’ return and we also have a set of beliefs based on the totality of scriptiure. I don’t have the time or energy to carry on a big discussion; I just wanted to say there is a different view. Someday, we will learn which view is correct….but it won’t really matter….because every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is LORD and our little human disagreements will no longer be important. I love you as a sister in Christ and as a dear friend, but we still disagree on the details. —Jeannine

  3. :) I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so excited. LOL Funny how some people wanted to turn that incident around and blame the vineyard workers, yet there wasn’t anything that could be said for a bunch of young men being pelted with rocks who rallied around the injured older man to provide a hedge of protection – and not a single rock was thrown back! Looking forward to reports from this coming harvest…

  4. Jeannine – You and I read the same Bible and yet see completely different things in it. :) Yes, all believers are precious in His sight but we need to remember that salvation is of the Jews, first extended to the Jews and then extended to the Gentiles. We Gentiles (former pagans) are grafted into the lineage of Abraham because of our faith. This means that we are the wild branches (gentiles) grafted into the natural tree (the lineage of Abraham). We are cautioned not to become proud and think that we are somehow superior to the Chosen People of G-d or that they are somehow cast away. In a sense, we’re just gentiles grafted into a Jewish faith. But you don’t see it that way. That is okay, it’s between you and G-d. It’s not something that makes you any less my friend, I love you anyway. ;) You are a wonderful woman of G-d and I’m proud to call you my friend.

  5. I’m also so excited over these same thoughts that you share with us, Lisa– thank You and blessed be His Name- Abraham, Isac and Jakob’s Elohim. He will fulfill His Word: Genesis 17, 4/ 48,4. Exodus 15,13/Esaia 11 and 14, 1-2/ Jeremias 16, 14-21/ Ezekiel 11,14-21/ Ezekiel 36 and 37./ Rom. 6, 15-18/ Rom. 10 and 11/ Matthew 25, 1-13.. And there are much, much more-

    Despite differences in how we see this and other topics– a part of awakening must be to fill us with His Word- and may Ruach Hakodesh/His Holy Spirit teach and lead us along as we read.

  6. Lisa, well put! It sounds like you are on fire with the message that the Wallers came to share! May more and more people get this!

  7. Gail ~ Two summers ago my daughter and I were sitting on the front porch one Shabbat afternoon reading about the ancient Jewish understanding of the Messianic Age and the World to Come. A bit of what we read pointed out to us the Jewish context of several passages in the Gospels and the Apostolic Writings that seem to draw squarely on these traditions. We were both SO excited with the vision and anticipation, we were nearly in tears!! We’ve discussed and re-read those articles several times since. As we listened to Tommy speak last month, we kept looking at each other from across the room (I was helping in the back) and knowing that we were both remembering and thinking the same things. While Tommy hasn’t read the cultural context that we did, the Spirit has revealed to him through the Scriptures the same kind of vision and anticipation we have. Then the last lesson in the HaYesod course discusses the Final Redemption and every time I take a group through that lesson (like I did tonight), I’m beaming and all teary-eyed. It’s SO exciting!!


  8. … Lisa, yes and even up and far away in Norway–Ha en veslignet natt/dag–have a blessed night/day shabbat shalom :-)

  9. Mette ~ Ah, that’s right – NORWAY!! And I’ve even told you, I think, that my heritage is Norwegian (and Swedish, but we don’t have to mention that part ;) )! How could I forget???

  10. Lisa– it’s so nice to think about we’re kind of sharing some national “genes” — and yet even bigger is the fact that we share the same “spiritual genes” – the fingerprint of Our heavenly Father through the Messiah…. I wish I could have sent you some flowers from our garden– then I would have picked the white peons- those with a little bit of pink inside– ohh- they’re smelling heavenly!

    By the way: Sweden is very close to here and I’m quite sure both me and my husband also have some drops of swedish blood:-) Next weekend we are going to a “Hebraic-root-movement-conference” in Sweden with Lars Enarson– and I’ve heard there will be people from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland– we’re really looking forward to that.
    Now I really can say Shabbat shalom!

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