Updated: Tommy Waller and Family Visits Northwest Washington

The Waller family is going to be in our area in early June.  Here’s the information on their speaking engagements in northwest Washington.

Any scheduling information will be updates will be posted as soon as it is available.

You may have heard of, or even seen, the Franklin Springs Family Media’s award winning movie A Journey Home that tells the extraordinary story of the Waller family.  Theirs is an encouraging and uplifting story of family, faith and love.  But the story doesn’t end with the movie, it continues through the ministry of HaYovel.

While living a simple life ‘off grid’ as independent organic farmers in an Amish/Mennonite community, Tommy and Sherri Waller and their 11 children felt a strong and deep calling to assist in the restoration of the land and the people of Israel, and the restoration of families.  Together they created the ministry of HaYovel to assist and strengthen those who tend Israel’s vineyards and olive groves.  Their work in the land of Israel is one of grace, mercy, education and the love of Messiah.  But HaYovel is about more than just farming in Israel.  The primary message the Waller family has to share is that of restoration:  A restoration of the children of God as we turn our hearts toward the Father, and a restoration of families as the hearts of the fathers turn toward their children and the hearts of the children turning toward their fathers.

To view a clip of A Journey Home, visit www.franklinsprings.com and look for the video there.  For more information about the ministry of HaYovel, visit www.hayovel.com where you can also view videos and read reports of their work.

HaYovel:  Where Israel and Family Meet.

Come hear how God is bringing His people together on the mountains of Judea and Samaria:

Tuesday, June 8

7:00 pm at Praise Chapel in Mt. Vernon

Wednesday, June 9

6:30 pm at Community Baptist / Bet HaShem in Bellingham

Thursday, June 10

7:00 pm at Beit Hallel in Tacoma

Friday, June 11

7:00 pm for Erev Shabbat Service at Beit Tikvah in Newcastle

If you cannot join us for any of these events, arrangements have been made for the Thursday evening event to be broadcast live online.  Please contact Amy (the first comment below) or me (via the ‘contact me’ tab above) for instructions regarding viewing the online presentation.

4 thoughts on “Updated: Tommy Waller and Family Visits Northwest Washington

  1. Time for Beit Hallel is 7pm on the 10th – Thursday evening, and will be streamed live on the net. Contact Lisa or me for instructions on how to log in to view the Wallers’ presentation live!!

  2. Lisa, we just rented a “A Journey Home” from Netflix. I googled the Waller family and saw your website announcing their visit. This is 6/18/2010 and missed the broadcast. Did your fellowship video the Waller’s visit? If so, where would I find it on your website?
    P.S. I’m enjoying your website.

  3. Hello Juanita ~

    I believe their presentation was indeed recorded but I am not sure if it is available. You aren’t the only one who has asked, so I’m hoping to find out an answer to this question soon. :o)

    Blessings ~

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